A TransAtlantic Cardiovascular risk Calculator 

for Rheumatic Diseases


Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) have a higher than average risk to develop and die from Cardiovascular Disease, including heart attacks, stroke, and heart failure.


The cardiovascular risk of patients with RA is underestimated by risk algorithms / calculators developed for the general population, for example The Framingham Risk Score (commonly used in the United States) or HeartSCORE (commonly used in Europe).


The need for an RA-specific cardiovascular risk calculator is appreciated for many years, but no single study or centre in the world has sufficient data to develop such an algorithm with any accuracy.

The ATACC-RD consortium was formed in February 2013 with the main initial objective to develop an RA-specific cardiovascular risk calculator suitable for use in many countries.


Investigators with an international track record in cardiovascular research in RA have joined their forces and data in order to achieve this objective.

Over recent years, investigators in the ATACC-RD consortium have collectively contributed in excess of 400 peer reviewed publications in the field of cardiovascular comorbidity of rheumatic diseases, reflecting possibly the largest collective knowledge and experience in this field by a single group of collaborators.

Observational RA cohorts with an overlapping minimum baseline dataset and systematic prospective identification and collection of cardiovascular events have been identified, and merged into a single dataset.


At present, the ATACC-RD consortium:

  • Includes 18 rheumatology centres from 13 different countries
  • Has combined data from:
    • 5685 RA patients
    • Reflecting almost 35 000 patient years of follow-up
    • With 476 evaluable cardiovascular events