Laikon Hospital, Greece

Description of unit/research group

The Cardiovascular Research Laboratory of the 1st Department of Propaedeutic and Internal Medicine


In the Rheumatology Unit of the 1st Department of Propaedeutic and Internal Medicine, Medical School, University of Athens, “Laiko” General Hospital, Athens (Greece) in September 2010 started operating the Cardiovascular Research Laboratory. It was designed to primarily investigate the subclinical atherosclerosis in patients with higher cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk than the general population due to the presence of a chronic disease with (fluctuating) low-to-high inflammation. All the following Vascular/hemodynamic tests are performed by the same trained technician.


  • Office brachial blood pressure (Microlife oscillometric device)
  • Pulse wave analysis (PWA, Sphygmocor device)
  • Pulse wave velocity (PWV, Sphygmocor device)
  • Carotid and femoral ultrasound for the assessment of local atheromatosis and elasticity assessment (Vivid Pro – 7, GE)
  • Ankle brachial index (ABI, Microlife oscillometric device)
  • Retina photography (non-mydriatic Topcon RRC NW8 Nikon D7000 camera)
  • Out-of-office blood pressure assessment (home by Microlife oscillometric device and
  • 24hr brachial and aortic ambulatory by Mobil-O-Graph, IEM device).

Classical cardiovascular disease risk factors and other chronic disease (by medical interview and review of the medical record), anthropometric parameters: weight, fat (TANITA device), waist and hip circumference, as well as metabolic parameters on glucose, lipids, inflammation (derived from the patients record) are recorded, whereas exercise, dietary and quality of life patterns are assessed by questionnaires (IPAQ, Mediet score,HAQ, EQ-5D)